Theatre performance based on the Comedy „The Butterfly’s Evil Spell” by Frederico Garcia Lorca 2015

“The love, rolling destructive and as hurtling wheels through people’s lives, is flying this time over a secluded meadow full with beetle, where once the world was peaceful and joyful …”
“Say, poet, tell the people that love germinates in all levels of life with equal force; that in the leaves dancing in the wind and a star far away have the same rhythm, and the words of a shady source will be reflected from the sea in the  same tone. Tell the people that they are supposed to be submissive, are all equal in the sight of nature”
Actors: Viktória Haik, János Petyi, Gábor Pintér, Zsuzsanna Takács-Kiss
Director: Gábor Pintér – János Petyi


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