Ars Longa Nonprofit Art Society

Headquarter: 3123 Cered, Kossuth u. 28.

The founder of the society: fine artists, university professors, actors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.

The function of the society:

  • Organizing and conducting art colonies, symposia, art festivals, contests, surveys. Organizing international art forums
  • Book publishing
  • Taking part of the education and development of the youth, and to spread the knowledgement of art
  • Taking part of teacher trainings, continuing education

The aim of our society:

The main objective of the association is the support of the artist community of Nógrád county, and the Northern Hungary region, furthermore, to keep up the tradition of the artcolony.  The promotion of the artists, to build up the cooperation between domestic and foreign art scene, and the promotion of the Hungarian artists in a wide forum.

Support of the Ars Longa Society & international connections & further information:

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