The Cered Contemporary International Art Colony is international-oriented workshops and art scene, based on personal participation, and is one of the European artists’ colonies, which annually takes place according to a different theme.


The themes are based on:

  • Mainly the village Cered: the town itself in it’s isolated, peripheral, and untouched position, its strong visual, physical and spiritual traditions reflected in the environment.
  • This will be related to contents of other global and conceptual themes of other regions, relevant to the village and its surroundings. The invited artists creates the artworks gained by local experiences and observations, which primarily respond to the prevailing theme of the year.

Participation is restricted and free. The main aspects of the invitation: professional recognition, professional artist status, creative work according to the concept of the colony, presentation of the artist discovered by the management.
Other features of the Artcolony:

  • Constant dialogue with the local society with the means of contemporary art and social engagement.
  • The international orientation. Hungarian and foreign artists meeting venue, where Hungary is represented in the international contemporary art scene. The Artcolony is in in active cooperation with similar international artist colonies, universities, art groups.
  • Expansion of the collection with the works of the participating artists.

Year of establishment: 1996

Various artists and art professionals arrived from 20 countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, German, Dutch, Belgium, Finnland, Sweden, England, France, Italy, Israel, Mexio, Argentina, Malaysia) during this period. Many of them returning to work here for years.

In addition, dozens of domestic and international art professionals, art historians, curators, gallerists, journalists, and other creative people in almost all genres of art – from the music through theater and film to literature – get involved to our mission.

Almost sixty exhibitions were organized in various galleries and museum from the artworks created in Cered.

Founder and leader of the Artcolony Cered

Fürjesi Csaba 

Art Director

Fürjesi Eszter

Int. Communication

Kun Cecília

Art Manager

Sánta László


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