ArtColony 2018


This year’s unique theme is the „summer kitchen of Cered”, which have a special tradition. These are usually in the houses of the inhabitants but sometimes also free-standing in the garden, they have a special atmosphere and are usually very differently decorated. They are not just used for kitchen purposes, and are different to the summer kitchens of the 19th century. They represent the living style of today’s inhabitants with the tradition of summer kitchens. The embroidered wall protection with its variety can be found very often. Especially the walls painted with patterns, the old family photos, old televisions and the “soc-real” design of the 60s, 70s can be found nearly everywhere.

This particular medium is offered by the families of Cered to the artists during the ArtColony. This allows site-specific installations as well as socio-art and video installations, but it is also possible to use classical means of art.

The aim of the organizers is to get creative answers from the artists in the given premises as basic material. What is the timeliness or ideology of these spaces in 2018? Do they have a vision or what can their transformations cause and effect? Can similarities be drawn in other places and countries?

Another purpose of the artistic work in the ArtColony is to find answers to the following questions: How can an international art colony influence the everyday life of a living village at the beginning of the 21st century?

How can art and the ArtColony become part of the everyday life of the village and the villagers? How can a physically and contentually isolated common room of the artists be transparent for locals? Are there – and if so, what mechanisms and forms in this regard?

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