ArtColony 2017

Above the creation of artworks, this is also a starting point for a unique, international project. The focus is on the rehabilitation of a 100 years old clay house, together with the inhabitants of Cered, to create a separated space with its own function.

The mission of the emerging “community house” is the presentation and documentation of the living “Palóc” community, through a broad involvement of contemporary art. In this context, we ask the invited artists of the colony to develop plans and proposals.

The participating artists work together with the inhabitants on this topic. This creates the opportunity for the skilled artisans and responsible citizens living in the community to realize their creativity, to build active working relationships with the foreign artists and artists’ teams, and through this creative process to experience the supporting power of the community.

SEPERATED SPACES 2017, detail. Photo copyright: Marta Tkacsik

In addition to the workshop, we also expect individual works of art, which are created by the inspiration of this old, ruined house and its “separate space”. This theme also relates to the situation of the isolated community as well as to the phenomenon of arbitrarily separated rooms and sites that can arise through human activities. On the basis of this, other separate areas can be of interest to the artists.


The function (if any), the duration, the origin of a causal connection. What is the ideology or actuality of these individual rooms in 2017? Where and how do these spaces appear, both in the intimate (family) and public areas? Can other communities, other countries, be associated with this phenomenon?

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