Exhibition 2012


…“As the works of art in the houses of Cered were made using space and time, with the integration of objects, they can in fact be called installations, and the artists preserved them for posterity by taking photographs of them. It is These photographs that are exhibited at Reök.
Based on the above it may seem like an exhibition of reproductions (and in fact it is); however, as the thought process and the material outcome can be followed accurately by looking at the photographs, the photographic documentation itself qualifies as a work of art.
Furthermore, it is only the whole series that can be understood as a complete work of art, as the aptness of the issue, the intertwining of social, psychological, folk and pop cultural aspects is manifest if we look at the various approaches


Éva Ibos, art historian

The whole article appeared on the website of Tiszatáj journal on October 22, 2012.


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