In these days, it is fantastically exciting if an art colony can stay afloat for 10 years, in a world, where self-fulillment is the order of the day, even if it is at other people’s expense. The society of artists is extremely sensitive; this is why it is a miracle that year by year this art colony can give birth to highquality exhibitions that express common harmony.
It can be seen in their works of art that creating and producing works of art together connects the artists. And having some goal connects them, creating vision along the values that completes our everyday life. I hope the Cered International Art Colony will be around for long time! If such works of art can be created here, it is obvious, that for the participants the question is not what the others do, but how to create something that the colleagues like.
Cered proves, that modernity is not an end in itself, it is not to serve the artist to suit a given moment or to copy global trends.


Cered means, who works here, can make their own statement with a tool which makes their work of art exciting and full of fantasy, by pushing the genre’s limits – this is the most an artist can do. Every year the artists of the art colony leave an art piece for the collection. This collection will in one hundred years’ time testify that there was once a community which through living and working together, by learning from each other, and helping each other was able to give birth to compositions, which somehow made our everyday life remind us that we are all human after all. Believe me, where there is meaningful human activity, there must be culture, and art has huge part in creating this culture and in creating differences in culture. We know that the conceptual system of the world is changing towards a visual system, where the messages of the norms of behavior and the norms of subsistence are mediated by visual tools and visual signs. We have to understand these signs; we have to learn to construe them. The most successful and beautiful part of the learning process is when we meet an unconventional artwork. An encounter like this is worth more than a hundred explanations.

Please get to know the art colony of Cered and the founding members. Appreciate the activity, which can serve as a model all over Europe.


Dr. Lorand Bereczky art historian, former director of the National Gallery



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