Art Colony 2016

Tomas Piars (Pl)- Motifes from Cered I. 2016. photo series

Today existing – contemporary, yet derived from the roots of the place – signs of life of Cered, its motifs and symbols. Their special appearances, and the places where they occur.
The goal of the Art Colony is to create and visualize a motif of Cered. The theme of the artist is derived from the existing characters and signs from Cered. They should create an overall symbol or a series of motifs, represented through their personal perspective. Furthermore, it is an object to obtain answers to the questions of whether it is possible to establish a new visual decorative element in the 21st century. How can it get a part of the everyday life? Are there new locations for these new motifs – and if so, where? We hope to get new ideas and suggestions from the artists on these issues.


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