ArtColony Cered is about cooperation and synergy. We hope that we will provide you with an inspiring working atmosphere, while you are working in a creative team in the village and share your talent with us.

Term of 1 week residency

ArtColony Cered agrees to:

  • Welcome the artist and provide a personal introduction to the local social scene
  • Promote the residency project using social media and our website
  • Cooperation during the symposium with art historians
  • Organizing exhibitions in galleries and museums
  • Organizing media appearance and annual art-books/catalogues
  • Provide free accommodation
  • Provide a production grant of up to 50 euro

The artist agrees to:

  • Work upon and complete a new work during the residency period
  • Acknowledge ArtColony Cered AIR in the publications connected to the particular work of art
  • Contribute to the development of ArtColony Cered  AIR programme and promote it by available means
  • Donate one artwork for the Artcolony Collection
  • Cover the following expenses:
  1. contribution of 350 euro
  2. Travel expenses
  3. Additional materials/tools not covered by the production grant

Long-term residency

For other individual requests please contact:

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