ArtColony Cered Artist in residence is launching an Open Call for the year 2017. Artists of various disciplines will have the opportunity to work, live and find new inspiration in the scenic city of Cered for a period of one week. The deadline for applications is 15.02.2017 and the results will be announced on 01.03.2017

ArtColony Cered AIR is a unique artist in residence program, which can be realized through the collaboration of various partner organizations, who contribute different skills & resources, thereby making it possible to cater to different genres. Our main areas of competence are printmaking and visual arts, but the program is open to artists from all creative disciplines. Based on the applications from artists, we try to tailor each residency to meet the requirements of the project.

For 2017, we are offering the following residency package:

  • A one week residency where a public outcome is possible (public day, workshop, artist talk, etc.).

Terms & Conditions

Financial Aspect

– 1 week  residency:

  • we expect a contribution of € 350
  • we provide free accommodation, a production grant of up to € 50 and help you get connected to the local community. If possible and desirable, we will also work with you towards a public outcome.
  • Travel costs and specially needed materials are at the artist’s expense.

Read the full terms and conditions here.

Theme of 2017: Separated Spaces

True to the tradition of more than a decade, the international symposium theme is immersed from the local municipalities, we continue with it also in the year 2017.  Cered is a sort of isolated location, due to the location of the village, a small area surrounded by mountains, due its huge amount of visual images, mood and unique way of life of the population. The theme refers equally to the phenomenon of isolation, which occurs from different, independent situations as well, as from the activities of the locals, that leads to separated, isolated spaces. These isolated and separated locations, as well as their functions (if any), and also the duration of their formation or their causal relationship, may be interesting for the artists.

What is the ideology or relevance of these separate spaces in 2017? Where and how do these isolated spaces reflect in the intimate (family) or public areas? Are there similarities to other municipalities, countries?

Another aim of this experiment is to find an answer to the question: Is the isolated existence of the ArtColony relevant in a vivid village in the 21st century.

It appears that the creative work on the given subject suggests the possibility of a conceptual approach, with the means of the socio-art as well as with more traditional modes of expression.  We expect creative responses from the invited artists to this theme.

How to become a part of this village and the villagers’ daily life? How can the physically separated and substantially different creative space of the ArtColony be transparent to the local community? Are there – and if so, how – mechanisms and forms for this? Under the symposium, we expect these additional tips and recommendations from the participating artists.


For residency, fill in this Google form.

Send your CV and portfolio to:

The deadline for applications is 15. 02.17, the results will be announced on 01.03.17.

More information:

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Ars Longa Nonprofit Művészeti Egyesület – Ars Longa Nonprofit Art Society

H-Cered, 3123. Kossuth u. 28.

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