Exhibition 2015

… “At today’s exhibition you can see a collection of 170 artworks of the professional standard by 42 artists representing 20 years of the art colony. We are surrounded by works of art of a wide variety of genres including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, textile and installation. …”

“The past 20 years have created a wealth of artworks comparable to none other. Some ambitious people have proved that they are able to create magical value. Please love, cherish and appreciate it, and be very proud of this work, you should be.”

September 20, 2015, Dornyay Museum, Salgótarján.

Details from the opening speech of Jerger Krisztina art historian




Theatre performance based on the Comedy „The Butterfly’s Evil Spell” by Frederico Garcia Lorca 2015

“The love, rolling destructive and as hurtling wheels through people’s lives, is flying this time over a secluded meadow full with beetle, where once the world was peaceful and joyful …”
“Say, poet, tell the people that love germinates in all levels of life with equal force; that in the leaves dancing in the wind and a star far away have the same rhythm, and the words of a shady source will be reflected from the sea in the  same tone. Tell the people that they are supposed to be submissive, are all equal in the sight of nature”
Actors: Viktória Haik, János Petyi, Gábor Pintér, Zsuzsanna Takács-Kiss
Director: Gábor Pintér – János Petyi



Workskop 2013

Zdenka Jancia (SK) Untittled, 2013. installation

Creative gathering under a name Priestor a … (Space and … ) is a continuation of out-of-studio artistic  activities organized by Juraj Sapara’s studio of Sculpture and applied media. lt took place in the premises of  lnternational Art Colony in Cered, Hungary. First gathering under the name Socha a … (Sculpture and … ) took  place only with the presence of students of the studio. lts goal was an intentional research to show justification of  perception of a sculpture as a medium capable of universal interpreting and a reaction to contemporary European  multicultural art and social space in its broadest sense.

This year’s project concept was prepared tor the space of the art colony which merges an art laboratory, cultural  institution, community environment and a community of professional artists, teachers and university students.  One of the main intentions, apart from active art work, was acceleration and improvement in cooperation  between the students and teachers of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica and Faculty  of Multimedia Communications at Tomas Bata University. The way ot professionalizing the studies by art confrontation in creative process. using strategies of sculpture medium, new media, intermedia and photography all the way to the concept. sound art or land art proved to be substantiated at all levels. lt is gratifying to see  that the success of this gathering can be seen not only in the number of attending students (30). but also in the  works presented at the end of the creative meeting at the video presentation, exhibitions in Uherské Hradiste and  Banská Bystrica. or a catalogue issued as a summary to this gathering. All these give real basis tor further crossborder cooperation of both schools.

Juraj Sapara docent, sculptor



Workshop 2013

The studio of Juraj Sapara, associate professor, Sculpture and Applied Media Department, Fine Arts Academy of Banská Bystrica and the art colony of his students.

Marek Galbavý.Sakk.

Marek Galbavý (SK): Chess 2013, 58 × 130 × 60 cm oaktree


The theme of the workshop focused on the research of wood carving and the creation of wooden culptures. The students worked either individually or in groups, without any preset criteria, using raw materials however they wanted, thereby putting great emphasis on the individual inventiveness of artists.


Exhibition 2012


…“As the works of art in the houses of Cered were made using space and time, with the integration of objects, they can in fact be called installations, and the artists preserved them for posterity by taking photographs of them. It is These photographs that are exhibited at Reök.
Based on the above it may seem like an exhibition of reproductions (and in fact it is); however, as the thought process and the material outcome can be followed accurately by looking at the photographs, the photographic documentation itself qualifies as a work of art.
Furthermore, it is only the whole series that can be understood as a complete work of art, as the aptness of the issue, the intertwining of social, psychological, folk and pop cultural aspects is manifest if we look at the various approaches


Éva Ibos, art historian

The whole article appeared on the website of Tiszatáj journal on October 22, 2012.



Theater production 2012


“I do not understand, how you can write a Poem about the moon. It is changeable and dirty. Picking in the nose of the chimneys. His favourite activity is to crawl under the bed and sniff shoes…”
“The public needs to be tamed in many cases, you have to attack them and contradict them… Art above everything. Fine Arts, and you, my dear artist-friends be artist above all…”

“Moontime – Moon walking” Rhyme-Theatre-Performance

Actors: Viktória Haik, János Petyi, Gábor Pintér
Director: Gábor Pintér – János Petyi
This idea was awarded the “Best Visual Special Price” in October 2012 at the 13th Kaleidoscope Rhyme-Theatre Festival in the rhyme category.




Exhibition 2010

Contemporary Art of Cered in Budapest

Hungarian Fine Artists’ House, Olof Palme House, Budapest, May–June 2010

There are artists who do not leave the studio for years on end, and there are some artists, who find creative inspiration in new surroundings, new settings. Some of them draw inspiration from the location, and there are those to whom the surroundings serve merely as props or the set, and the audience is equally unimportant. There are those who always return to the same place, but in recent years a new „species” of artist, the travelling artist, has evolved. These artists always show up at different places, change colonys and look for new, exciting challenges. As a result of the above, in the most recent history of art, art colonys developed – and have been flourishing for over one hundred years now. Read more


The Ars Tarnatica Festival 2005 The name Ars Tarnatica comes from the name of the Tarna creek, the source of which is just a few metres from the Art Colony. We organized the festival, financed from the PHARE CBC Small Project Fund, jointly with the Slovakian Hungarian Artists’ Society. The acclaimed events were held between […]