Film making 2011

Christoph Eckelt (D) Black Palette, 2013. photo

The research and work of the bear-legend – as a thematic project – was, of course, because the legends and stories
of the villagers still live on through oral tradition. The truth of the legends is inversely proportional to time. Where
did the Bear Mountain get its name from?; Why were people obliged to take the bear to the landlord?
The aim of the project was the exposing of the collective memory of the community living there in seclusion, as well
as the demonstration of belonging and the richness of spiritual values in the past.

Making of

… And then a talk spread out over a very tragic event, which was unclear and was underpinned  with some tangible evidence. Namely, that a bear broke into the village from time to time when he was hungry. There lived at the time a peasant family on the outskirts of the village who had a pretty, young daughter, who often went into the woods to collect food. Once a travelling painter, who was inspired by the landscape, came to the village, and therefore stayed for a few weeks. He became acquainted with the young girl and it is said that they fell in love. After a short time the girl disappeared. First, the search party from the village found only scraps of her clothing, but finally they  found the girl too… Rumour has it that the bear did it. Everybody who saw it, never wanted to talk  about it again. In any case, the painter disappeared at exactly the same time, nobody ever heard of  him again …

31 min. film

Writer and director: Bulcsú Akom • Cameraman and editor: Ágota Krnács
Producer: Csaba Fürjesi • Production Manager: Cecília Kun
Actors: János PETYI, Gábor PINTÉR, Viki HAIK, Eszter Palik,
Sára ZÓLYOMI, Jozef SUCHOŽA, Csaba Fürjesi
Photos of the shooting of the film Black Palette


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