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ArtColony 2018   This year’s unique theme is the „summer kitchen of Cered”, which have a special tradition. These are usually in the houses of the inhabitants but sometimes also free-standing in the garden, they have a special atmosphere and are usually very differently decorated. They are not just used for kitchen purposes, and are […]


Press releases 2017 – SEPERATED SPACES: Marieclaire Magazin Sokszínű vidék Orient Express NOIZZ Eventsoja Építészfórum kultura.hu nograd.24 Helyi válasz 3100.hu Corn & Soda salgotarjan.hu rebellieveblog.com kreativ-forras.hu nhc24.hu noklapja.nlcafe.hu kulturpontok.hu TV M5 Kossuth Radió Polish Institute Polish Institute tiszatajonline.hu Hazahúzó    


ArtColony 2017 Above the creation of artworks, this is also a starting point for a unique, international project. The focus is on the rehabilitation of a 100 years old clay house, together with the inhabitants of Cered, to create a separated space with its own function. The mission of the emerging “community house” is the […]


Art Colony 2016 Today existing – contemporary, yet derived from the roots of the place – signs of life of Cered, its motifs and symbols. Their special appearances, and the places where they occur. The goal of the Art Colony is to create and visualize a motif of Cered. The theme of the artist is […]


Exhibition 2015 … “At today’s exhibition you can see a collection of 170 artworks of the professional standard by 42 artists representing 20 years of the art colony. We are surrounded by works of art of a wide variety of genres including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, textile and installation. …” “The past 20 years have […]


Theatre performance based on the Comedy „The Butterfly’s Evil Spell” by Frederico Garcia Lorca 2015 “The love, rolling destructive and as hurtling wheels through people’s lives, is flying this time over a secluded meadow full with beetle, where once the world was peaceful and joyful …” “Say, poet, tell the people that love germinates in […]


The Art Colony of Cered was founded 20 years ago, and followed a similar concept as many of its Hungarian predecessors: from Nagybánya to Szolnok, Szentendre to Gödöllő and to the modern art colonies. From today’s perspective leaving the city behind for Medvesalja appears nostalgic. Nonetheless, reasons such as the beautiful surroundings, the secluded world of […]


On receiving an invitation to visit Cered – a special small village north of Hungary – I was unsure what to expect but hopped in the car curious to find out more. With a few kilometres to go, the experience of driving through the woods on a narrow serpentine road that suddenly opens into mellow […]

1215 – PEOPLE FROM CERED – 2015

Art Colony 2015     Getting Closer Cered, this border village in Nógrád county with a rapidly declining population, has no Special features, yet it bears all the characteristics of the “Hungarian countryside”. And that’s exactly why the art colony, which started out as a personal initiative in 1996 and has since achieved international renown […]


Art Colony 2014 Cered. To be honest I had to look it up on the map to see where it was. A small village on the Slovakian border, few kilometres from Salgótarján. I got on the bus, like a real tourist and set off into the unknown. At the bus station my host, Csaba Fürjesi […]