The Ars Tarnatica Festival 2005

The name Ars Tarnatica comes from the name of the Tarna creek, the source of which is just a few
metres from the Art Colony. We organized the festival, financed from the PHARE CBC Small Project
Fund, jointly with the Slovakian Hungarian Artists’ Society. The acclaimed events were held between
August 2005 and May 2006. In the 10-month period we organized ten major events and some
smaller related programmes in both Hungary and Slovakia including exhibitions, book launches, movie
premieres, concerts, performances, plays.
“Be it music, dance, puppetry or theatre, film, drawing, painting or sculpture, or literature, they can
share the same space and time if they are honest and represent quality. Another important point is that
the whole project took place in a region, where such projects were few and far between before.”
PhDr. Kinga Szabó-Haltenberger, the president of the Slovakian Hungarian Artists’ Society, 2006

Jazzconcert with Szakcsi Lakatos Bela, 2006



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