ArtColony Cered AIR Program

ArtColony offers an opportunity for artists to participate in artist in residence form to a thematic art symposium. The participants are working together at the same time as the artists specially invited by the Board of the ArtColony.

The program is designed to support international artistic relationships with the aim of openness, creativity and the maintenance of the value conservation of the local community. Therefore, we provide accommodation as well as working space, and exhibition possibilities.

We are waiting for applications of professional artists to the AIR program, which is open to representatives of all arts. We publish only once a year the open call for the given theme. For further information please find information: Term and conditions and OpenCall 2017th.  


Our mission:

The international contemporary art project is a thematic creative process between the residents of the village and the artists arriving from various European cities — through meeting, talking- which helps to develop international relations of the region.

Our values:

  • Creativity and innovation: The program is open to new ideas, thinking and work that adapts to changing circumstances and to the theme. Actively seeking for innovative ideas which results in new kinds of artistic collaboration and works of art realized.
  • Collaboration and interaction: deepen working relationships between artists and arts organizations. The value and the innovation added by the artists, is beneficial for all participants.
  • Internationalization: the program was started as an international program since its inception. A kind of “cultural value exchange point”, where the creative process takes place based on tolerance between artists from different cultural backgrounds and traditions and the culture of people living in the village.
  • Inspiration: the program acquires for the participants and creators inspirations, ideas and aspects for their future work. The participants achieve new personal impressions and update their creative attitude and their view of the world as general.

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